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Passengers is a 2016 American science fiction-thriller adventure film directed by Morten Tyldum and written by Jon Spaihts. It stars Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne and Andy García. The film tells about two people who wake up 90 years too soon from an induced hibernation on board a spaceship bound for a new planet.

The film was released in the United States on December 21, 2016 in 2D and RealD 3D by Columbia Pictures. Upon its release, Passengers received mixed to negative reviews from critics and has grossed $178 million, against its $110 million production budget.

The starship Avalon is transporting over 5,000 colonists to the planet Homestead II, a journey that takes 120 years. The colonists and the entire crew are in hibernation pods, but as the ship passes through a large asteroid field, the ship's shield is heavily strained causing a malfunction that awakens one passenger, mechanical engineer Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), 90 years early.

After a year of isolation, with no company except Arthur (Michael Sheen), an android bartender, Jim, despondent, contemplates suicide. One day he notices beautiful Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) in her pod. Her video profile reveals she is a writer with a humorous personality. After struggling with the morality of manually reviving Aurora for companionship, he awakens her, claiming it was due to a pod malfunction like his. Aurora, devastated that she will likely grow old and die before the ship reaches Homestead II, attempts a fruitless effort at re-entering hibernation, just as Jim had tried. Eventually, she accepts her situation and begins writing a book about her experiences. Jim and Aurora grow closer, becoming lovers.

A year later, Jim inadvertently allows Arthur to reveal to the truth to Aurora. She is distraught, alternately berating, shunning, and physically attacking Jim. Soon after, however, another pod failure awakens Gus (Laurence Fishburne), a Chief Deck Officer. The three discover multiple failures in the ship's systems. Gus attempts repairs with Jim and Aurora's help, while Aurora still blames Jim for stealing her life, claiming it is tantamount to murder. Gus' body begins failing; medical tests in the Autodoc, an automated medical diagnostics and treatment pod, show that his hibernation pod's malfunction has caused multiple diseases and organ failures and he has hours left to live. Before dying, Gus gives Jim and Aurora his ID badge to access crew areas and repair the ship.

The two find and trace a colliding asteroid's path through the ship's hull from two years earlier that damaged the computer administering the reactor. Attempts to repair the computer lead to further reactor damage. Jim realizes a fusion reactor must be vented by opening an outer vent hatch. Aurora assists Jim while admitting she is terrified of losing him and living on the ship alone. Aurora, from inside the ship, and Jim, outside it, successfully vent the reactor. However, Jim's tether breaks loose and his damaged spacesuit is losing oxygen. Aurora retrieves the seemingly deceased Jim and resuscitates him in the Autodoc. Jim later learns that the Autodoc can act as a makeshift hibernation pod for Aurora. She realizes this would mean never seeing Jim again.

After 88 years, the ship's passengers and crew awaken shortly before arrival on Homestead II. They discover a lush vegetation and a small house on the ship's concourse area. Aurora's completed book is found, and it is revealed that she chose to stay awake with Jim and finish writing her story.

Jennifer Lawrence as Aurora Lane, a writer[3]
Chris Pratt as Jim Preston, a mechanical engineer[7]
Michael Sheen as Arthur, an android bartender on the Avalon[7]
Laurence Fishburne as Chief Gus Mancuso, the chief deck officer
Andy García as Captain Norris
Aurora Perrineau as Celeste

Yes, it was a popular script. It’s one of those stories that really grabs you and you fall in love with it. It’s very smart and funny and clever and such a page-turner I couldn’t put it down. Every 10 pages, something new happens! At the same time, it’s a very intimate movie, while taking place on this epic scale. For me, it’s a story about what’s important to live a full life. What are the things we need as humans? It’s not afraid to entertain but at the same time it asks big questions about what does it mean to really feel happy. Every generation has its love story. I feel like this is it. I had to do it.

— Director Morten Tyldum[8]
The original script for Passengers was written by Jon Spaihts in 2007, and had been in development hell for years.[9] At one point, the film was set to star Keanu Reeves and Emily Blunt,[10] with the production budget being a relatively low $35 million.[11] Brian Kirk was originally scheduled to make his feature directorial debut with the film, with Reeves in the lead.[12][13] On December 5, 2014, it was announced that Sony Pictures Entertainment had won the auction for the rights to the film.[14] In early 2015, Morten Tyldum was chosen to helm the film.[15] Tyldum had always wanted to do a massive sci-fi action movie, but also stressed the importance of a 'big guy' character-driven sci-fi film, rather than a cold and distant one.[7]

Metro described its plot as bearing a resemblance to the EC Comics story "50 Girls 50" by Al Williamson, first published in the July–August 1953 issue of Weird Science,[16] in which two passengers of a colony spaceship are awoken from hibernation early and fall in love.

The cast – Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Pratt, Michael Sheen, Laurence Fishburne and Aurora Perrineau – were announced between February 2015 and January 2016.[17][18][19][20][21] Lawrence was paid $20 million against 30 percent of the profit after the movie breaks even and Pratt was paid $12 million.[11][22]

This film was recorded by Sony Pictures Entertainment.[23] Principal photography on the film began in September 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia.[24][25] Filming occasionally took place for full days with a bulk of the shooting done around the two leads only. Rodrigo Prieto served as cinematographer, and Maryann Brandon was hired as film editor.[26][27]

Thomas Newman composed the musical score for Passengers.[28] Spaihts said that he wrote Passengers while listening to Newman's previous scores.[29] Also, Imagine Dragons recorded a song, "Levitate", for the film's soundtrack. It was released on November 29, 2016.[30]

In August 2015, Sony Pictures Entertainment set the film's release date for December 21, 2016, in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. The film was concurrently released in 3D and RealD 3D formats,[31] with the international rollout running through Christmas and the New Year, to January 12, 2017.[32]

Box office
As of January 8, 2017, Passengers has grossed $80.9 million in the United States and Canada and $97.3 million in other territories for a worldwide total of $178.2 million, against a production budget of $110 million.[2]

Passengers opened alongside Sing and Assassin's Creed, and was initially expected to gross around $50 million from 3,478 theaters over its first six days of release, although the studio was projecting a more conservative $35 million debut.[33][34] After making $1.2 million from Tuesday night previews[35] and $4.1 million on its first day, projections for the six-day opening were lowered to $27 million.[36] It went on to gross $15.1 million in its opening weekend (a six-day total of $30 million), finishing third at the box office behind Rogue One and Sing.[37]

Critical response
On review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, the film holds an approval rating of 31% based on 210 reviews; the average rating is 5/10. The site's critical consensus reads, "Passengers proves Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence work well together – and that even their chemistry isn't enough to overcome a fatally flawed story."[38] On Metacritic, the film has a score of 41 out of 100 based on 48 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".[39] Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B" on an A+ to F scale.[40]

Several reviewers have criticized the ethics of the core plot point where Jim decides to awaken one of the hibernating travelers for companionship. Rebecca Hawkes of The Telegraph described the film as not a romance but "a creepy ode to manipulation", describing the action as a "central act of violence" that is softened and justified, and compared it to a morally similar act in Interstellar where the perpetrator is shown as an antagonist.[41] Both Hawkes and Paul Tassi of Forbes said that the marketing team deliberately hid in the trailers the reason Aurora wakes up.[42] Andrew Pulver of The Guardian called it an "interstellar version of social-media stalking" and "a fantastically creepy start" that, contrary to romantic comedies that manage to "plane down" the nastiness of stalking tactics, here "it's gruesomely inescapable".[6] Alissa Wilkinson of Vox calls it "a fantasy of Stockholm syndrome, in which the captured eventually identifies and even loves the captor" and "a really disturbing wish fulfillment fantasy".[43]

In contrast, Cameron Metrejean of[unreliable source?] gave the film a mostly positive review praising the leads' chemistry, production design, effects and psychology of Jim's decision. "Better than most films, Passengers does a good job of planting the protagonist’s thoughts as your own. 'What would I do if I was faced with this possibility.' ...The scene of him drawing close to a full-body space suit is actually kind of heart breaking... It’s a reminder how physical human contact isn’t just a nicety, but it’s a basic necessity." [44]

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In this article we write a complete information hollywood Film Review. In this article we write a list of horror movies missions movies civil war movies based on jungle movies batman movies superman movies Warcraft  movies based on animal movies based on biography drama comedy adventure based on full action movie based on full romance movies based on adventure action and other type of movies details are provide in this article. A good collection of all fantastic movies 2016 are here

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Watch Rogue_One Free Online In Hd

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (or simply Rogue One) is a 2016 American epic space opera film directed by Gareth Edwards and written by Chris Weitz and Tony Gilroy, from a story by John Knoll and Gary Whitta. The film, a Lucasfilm production and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, stars Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Ben Mendelsohn, Donnie Yen, Mads Mikkelsen, Alan Tudyk, Jiang Wen, and Forest Whitaker. The story follows Jyn Erso, daughter of the unwilling designer of the Galactic Empire's superweapon the Death Star, and her mission to retrieve the schematics so the Death Star can be destroyed.

The first film in the Star Wars Anthology series, Rogue One is set immediately before the events of A New Hope and is the first live-action Star Wars film to not feature an opening crawl. Principal photography began at Elstree Studios near London during early August 2015 and wrapped in February 2016, with reshoots and additional filming taking place in mid-June 2016. The film premiered in Los Angeles on December 10, 2016 and was released in the United States on December 16, 2016.

Rogue One received generally positive reviews, with praise for its acting, action sequences, musical score, and darker tone, although some criticism was directed at its use of computer-generated imagery to revive certain characters. It has grossed over $918 million worldwide, making it the fifth highest-grossing film of 2016.

Research scientist Galen Erso is in hiding on the planet Lah'mu when Imperial weapons developer Orson Krennic arrives to press him into completing the unfinished Death Star, a space station-based superweapon capable of destroying an entire planet. Erso's wife Lyra is killed in the confrontation, but their daughter Jyn escapes and is taken to safety by Rebel extremist Saw Gerrera.

Fifteen years later, cargo pilot Bodhi Rook defects from the Empire, smuggling a holographic message from Galen to Gerrera on the desert moon of Jedha. After learning about Rook's defection, Rebel intelligence officer Cassian Andor frees Jyn from Imperial captivity and brings her to the Rebels, who plan to use her to extract Galen and learn more about the Death Star. Unbeknownst to Jyn, however, Cassian is covertly ordered to kill Galen rather than extract him.

Jyn, Cassian, and reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2SO travel to Jedha, where the Empire is mining kyber crystals to power the Death Star while Gerrera and his partisans are engaged in an armed insurgency against them. With the aid of blind spiritual warrior Chirrut Îmwe and his mercenary friend Baze Malbus, Jyn makes contact with Gerrera, who has been holding Rook captive. Gerrera shows her the message, in which Galen reveals he has secretly built a vulnerability into the Death Star and directs them to retrieve the schematics from a high-security Imperial data bank on the planet Scarif.

On the Death Star, Krennic orders a low-powered shot from the superlaser to destroy Jedha's capital, causing Jyn and her group to take Rook and flee the planet, but Gerrera chooses to remain and die. Grand Moff Tarkin congratulates Krennic before using Rook's defection and security leak as a pretext to take control of the project.

Rook leads the group to Galen's Imperial research facility on the planet Eadu, where Cassian chooses not to kill Galen. When Krennic directs that Galen's main team be killed for causing the security leak, Galen confesses that he is responsible. Jyn makes her presence known moments before Rebel bombers attack the facility, resulting in Galen being wounded. Jyn reunites with her father, only to have him die in her arms, before she escapes with her group on board a stolen Imperial cargo shuttle. Krennic visits Darth Vader, seeking his support and an audience with the Emperor, but Vader dismisses his appeal for recognition.

Jyn proposes a plan to steal the Death Star schematics using the Rebel fleet but fails to get approval from the Alliance Council. Frustrated at their inaction, Jyn's group is supported by a small squad of Rebels volunteers intent on raiding the databank themselves. Arriving at Scarif via the stolen Imperial ship, which Rook dubs "Rogue One", a disguised Jyn and Cassian enter the base with K-2SO while volunteers attack the resident Imperial garrison as a distraction. The Rebel fleet learns about the raid from intercepted Imperial communications and deploy in support. K-2SO sacrifices himself so Jyn and Cassian can retrieve the data. Îmwe is killed after activating the master switch to allow communication with the Rebel fleet. Rook's ship is blown up by a grenade just after informing the Rebel fleet that it must deactivate the shield surrounding the planet to allow the transmission of the schematics. Malbus dies in battle shortly after. Jyn and Cassian seize the schematics, but they are ambushed by Krennic, who shoots Cassian.

Krennic corners Jyn, declaring the Empire's victory, but Cassian, who has survived, shoots and wounds Krennic. Jyn transmits the schematics to the Rebel command ship. The Death Star enters Scarif's orbit, where Tarkin uses the weapon to destroy the Empire's base. Krennic dies in the resulting explosion, while Jyn and Cassian embrace on a beach before dying in the ensuing shockwave.

The Rebel fleet prepares to jump to hyperspace only to be attacked by Vader's flagship. Vader boards the command ship and kills several soldiers in his pursuit of the schematics, but a small starship escapes with them on board. Aboard the fleeing ship, Princess Leia declares that the schematics will provide hope for the Rebellion.

Main articles: List of Star Wars characters and List of Star Wars cast members
Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso, a young renegade woman who is detained by the Empire for her crimes against them until freed by the Rebels.[4] She has used many aliases during her life such as Lianna Hallik, Tanith Pontha, and Kestrel Dawn,[5] while her father affectionately calls her "Stardust".
Diego Luna as Cassian Andor, a Rebel Alliance Captain and Intelligence officer.[6][7]
Ben Mendelsohn as Orson Krennic, the Director of Advanced Weapons Research for the Imperial Military.[6][8][9]
Donnie Yen as Chirrut Îmwe, a Zatoichi-esque blind warrior who believes in the Force. He is said to be one of the Guardians of the Whills.[6][9][10]
Mads Mikkelsen as Galen Erso, Jyn's father and a research scientist.[9][11][12]
Alan Tudyk as K-2SO, a Rebel-owned Imperial enforcer droid who was reprogrammed by Cassian Andor.[6][13][14][15]
Riz Ahmed as Bodhi Rook, a former Imperial cargo pilot who defects to the Rebels under the influence of Galen.[16][17]
Jiang Wen as Baze Malbus, a Rebel warrior, mercenary and best friend of Chirrut Îmwe.[6][9]
Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrera, a veteran of the Clone Wars and a friend of the Erso family who had mentored Jyn in her later childhood years.[9][18]
Jimmy Smits, Genevieve O'Reilly, and Anthony Daniels reprise their roles from previous films as Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and C-3PO, respectively.[19][20][21]

James Earl Jones also reprises his role from previous films as the voice of Darth Vader,[22] who is physically portrayed by Spencer Wilding and Daniel Naprous, replacing David Prowse who played the role in the original films.[23][24][25] Grand Moff Tarkin and Princess Leia Organa are played by Guy Henry and Ingvild Deila, respectively, with the digital likenesses of Peter Cushing and Carrie Fisher superimposed.[26][27] Henry also provides the voice for Tarkin, while archival audio of Fisher is used for Leia. Angus MacInnes and Drewe Henley are featured as Gold Leader Dutch Vander and Red Leader Garven Dreis, respectively, via unused footage from A New Hope; MacInnes returned to record new dialogue for Vander and Henley's new dialogue was assembled from archival material as Henley had died.[21][28][29][30]

David Ankrum, who voiced Wedge Antilles in A New Hope, reprises his role in a vocal cameo.[29] Ian McElhinney, Michael Smiley, Andy de la Tour and Tim Beckmann play General Jan Dodonna, Dr. Evazan, General Hurst Romodi and Raymus Antilles, respectively.[21] Warwick Davis plays Weeteef Cyubee, a member of Saw Gerrera's Partisans.[31]

Additionally, Alistair Petrie plays General Davits Draven,[7] Ben Daniels plays General Antoc Merrick,[32] and Valene Kane plays Lyra Erso, Jyn's mother.[33] Jonathan Aris,[34] Fares Fares[35][36] and Sharon Duncan-Brewster appear as Senators Nower Jebel, Vasp Vaspar and Tynnra Pamlo, respectively. Simon Farnaby plays a member of Blue Squadron.[21] Jonathan Stephens appears as Rebel Alliance member Corporal Tonc.[21] Nick Kellington portrays Bistan, the door gunner on a U-wing during the battle on Scarif.[37] Ian Whyte plays Moroff, a member of Saw Gerrera's Partisans.[38] Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman, director and producer of Star Wars: Episode VIII, respectively, cameo as two Death Star technicians.[39] Richard Franklin plays one of the Death Star engineers

Rogue One was planned to be the first[41] in the Star Wars Anthology series, a series of standalone spin-off films in the Star Wars series. Future films are expected to focus on Han Solo and Boba Fett.[42] Kathleen Kennedy explained that the stand-alone films would not cross over with the films of the sequel trilogy, stating:

George [Lucas] was so clear as to how that works. The canon that he created was the Star Wars saga. Right now, Episode VII falls within that canon. The spin-off movies, or we may come up with some other way to call those films, they exist within that vast universe that he created. There is no attempt being made to carry characters (from the stand-alone films) in and out of the saga episodes. Consequently, from the creative standpoint, it's a roadmap that George made pretty clear.[43]

John Knoll, visual effects supervisor for the Star Wars prequel trilogy, pitched the idea for the film 10 years before its development; after the Disney acquisition he felt as if he had to pitch it again or forever wonder "what might've happened if I had."[44][45] In May 2014, Disney announced that Gareth Edwards would direct the film and Gary Whitta would write the script.[46] That October, cinematographer Greig Fraser revealed that he would work on the film.[47] In January 2015, it was revealed that Whitta had completed his work on the script, and would no longer be with the project.[48] Simon Kinberg was considered as a replacement.[49] Later in the month, it was announced that Chris Weitz had signed to write the script for the film.[50] In March 2015, the title was announced.[51]

In July 2016, discussing whether the film would feature an opening crawl, Kennedy said, "we're in the midst of talking about it, but I don't think these [Anthology] films will have an opening crawl." Edwards said: "The idea is this film is supposed to be different than the saga films... [however,] this film is born out of a crawl. The thing that inspired this movie was a crawl and what was written in that. There's this feeling that if we did a crawl, then it'll create another movie. And so the honest answer is you'll have to wait and see."[52] That same month, at the 2016 Star Wars Celebration, Edwards said the title had three meanings: "a military sign", referring to the Red Squadron from A New Hope; "the 'rogue' one" of the franchise, given that it is the first film to not be part of the main saga; and a description of Jyn Erso's personality.[53] In November 2016, Kennedy confirmed that the film would not feature an opening crawl, instead beginning in "a way that is traditional, with just the title."[54]

Edwards stated that the style of the film would be similar to that of a war film, stating, "It's the reality of war. Good guys are bad. Bad guys are good. It's complicated, layered; a very rich scenario in which to set a movie.